Rui Weng (Dr. Ray) is a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, an anti-aging researcher and an acupuncturist from Beijing, China. He has earned degrees as Doctor of Medicine; Doctor of Philosophy in anti-aging research ; Master of Business Administration in Healthcare and Bachelor of Acupuncture & Tuina .He is certified in Oriental Medicine ( Acupuncture and Chinese herbology) by NCCOAM ( National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). He is also an expert in oriental health preservation regimen, which is to prevent aging and promote wellness. His numerous researches have been published in many prestigious international medical journals. He was also invited to give lectures at many international conferences. His clients are from all over the world. Now, he is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Mt Pleasant, WI specializing in

Dr. Ray comes from a family with a great health conscience. Both his mother and grandfather were doctors specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. His mother taught him ancient Chinese wellness regimens since childhood. He learned Tai’Chi Quan from his father who practiced it all his life. After years of research and practice both in western and eastern medicine, Dr. Ray developed his own unique wellness regimen involving comprehensive biomedical and humanistic knowledge and practice. Dr. Ray has helped many people regain wellness, slow down the process of chronic diseases, and keep them youthful inside and out.

In his spare time, Dr.Ray volunteers in many Non-profit organizations to benefit the community. Dr.Ray is a keen gardener as well as an herbalist. He designed and maintains the Oriental Wellness Garden which his clients enjoy before and after the treatment.