Payment Options

We impose a surcharge 3% on credit card purchases, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. 

You can avoid the surcharge by using cash, check, Zelle or debit card PIN transactions.


More and more health insurance plans cover acupuncture, and we accept most of major health insurance. The easiest way to find out your insurance coverage is to call customer service number at the back of your insurance card and ask:

Then call us 262-744-8126 and provide:


We are proud to help our Veterans to fight against acute/chronic pain as well as PTSD/ Opioids addiction, just to name a few. Veterans now are 100% covered by VA. Please contact your local VA (Veterans Administration) or community care at 887-881-7618 to request acupuncture treatments (authorization). Please give the provider name: Rui Weng at 5944 Wakefield Ave, Mt Pleasant, WI 53406, NPI 1851879035 and Fax # 888-441-2144 to your community care officer. Once you are authorized, the officer will send all your information to us and the first appointment then will be set up. 


Medicare only covers acupuncture treatments for chronic low back pain. However, due to exclusion of acupuncturists as Medicare providers, Medicare will not cover acupuncture treatment done by acupuncturists in a private office setting. But, certain advantage plans may cover routine acupuncture treatments. 

Wisconsin Society of Acupuncturists is working with American Society of Acupuncturists to support the Bill H.R.3133 ( Acupuncture for Our Seniors Act ). Please contact your district representatives to support Bill H.R.3133 for your own benefits. 


If you have no insurance coverage, you can enjoy the flowing benefits: